Windows 11 won't let me install Speedy Claims?

Windows 11 won't let me install Speedy Claims?

If you are trying to install Speedy Claims, or any other software, and see this popup it means your Windows is running in "S Mode".

Windows 11 in S Mode Windows 11 S

Some Windows PCs and tablets ship with Windows 11 Home in S Mode (also known as “Windows 11 S”) as a way to secure the PC and prevent the use of "unauthorized applications" by restricting installation to Windows Store software alone.

S Mode restricts anything from being installed that doesn't come from the Microsoft Store app, supposedly to protect users from themselves. It should never have been shipped on retail consumer PC's because it is more appropriate for businesses or organizations.

However, it is easy to switch out of "S" mode to Windows 11 Home mode which will let you install software you do not have to buy from Microsoft.

Start by clicking the "See how" link in the popup.

Clicking that “see how” link takes you a special section of the Windows Store app, where Microsoft will try to convince you to only use software from their store. 

The process is absolutely free.

If you need further assistance please contact us for help.
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